12 Fun Games To Play With Dogs Outside

Fun games to play with dogs
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Games are a great instrument that bond dogs to their owners, it’s exciting and healthy to play with your dog outside on sunny bright days.

Fun times with dogs keep them happy, happy dogs are healthy dogs. We’ve got a few great games to play with dogs outside.

games to play with dogs

 1. Blanket Hurdles

On our list of games to play with a dog, the blanket hurdles is number 1. The blanket hurdle is a creative and simple game with a couple of old blankets (or towels, whichever is available). It requires enough room space so the dog can run freely without obstacles. One or two rolled-up blankets should be placed on the ground (depending on the size of your dog). Then Walk the dog around the course and hop over the blanket a few more times. Once he got the logic, make him stay at one end and call him from the other end of the room.

The dog will find the rolled-up blankets as a hurdle. Once the dog becomes an expert at this game, you can mix it up with a few more rolled-up blankets throughout his “path.”

2. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is commonly a childhood game for human kids. It isn’t just reserved for human kids. Lovely puppies can also participate and have fun with one of the dog’s favorite treats or toys. Make the dog stay in one room. Then, hide in another. Get yourself a good hiding place, then call the dog’s name. When they find your hiding place, reward them with treats and praise. These games to play with dogs improve both the Pet’s brain and senses.

3. Doggy Treat Hunt

Doggy treat hunt is an egg-hunt-inspired game. It doesn’t have to be Easter for your dog. You can use his favorite smelly treats, either stuffed inside a treat-holding toy or alone, then find somewhere in the backyard or living room and hide them. Ensure your dog is in a different room, so he doesn’t easily smell or see the secret hiding place. Then take the dog into the backyard or living room and let him sniff his way to the hidden treats. Doggy Treat Hunt improves both the Pet’s brain and senses.

4. Tug of War

Tug of war is basic, but it can benefit your dog. It teaches them how to get it and let go, and it also helps them release inner canine aggression, “all while playing Tug of war. Teach her not to grab the toy until you ask her to do so. Leave the toy on the ground and reward her for staying still. Once she gets that down, say the action word “get it now!” This will let her know she is allowed to grab the toy. 

Now get the game started. Next, the dog must know how to let go of the toy by saying the action word “Let go.” This is different than the trickiest command you can teach your dog in this game. Once your dog gets the logic and lets go of the toy, reward her immediately with her favorite treats. Keep practicing, and practice will make her perfect. Once she mastered the game, put it all together and have fun on a bright sunny day. Tug of war game will improve her brain power. It is also part of the fun games to play with dogs.

5. The Name Game

Sometimes you may think your dog can’t understand you, but without a doubt, he totally can understand you. The fundamental to name recognition is practice, again and again. 

Initiate by simply using two of her favorite toys. Give each of the toys a name. Ensure there are no other toys around to avoid distraction. Try to keep the names basic. Then, call the name of one of the toys and throw it so he can fetch it. Repeat the game several times. Do the same for the other toy. Once the dog has mastered both toys’ names, place both toys on the ground, then ask the dog to get one. He rewards her immediately with her favorite treats every time he gets them right. 

Practice again and again until you are sure your dog recognizes the names. Try introducing a few more to an extremely intelligent dog’s vocabulary.

The name game improves dog brain power.

6. Simon Says

“Simon says” is a great game for dogs who understands the basics:

  1. Stay, sit, roll over, down, shake, and more.
  2. Get some of the dog’s favorite treats to test his ability to follow command after command.
  3. Ensure you mix it up every once in a while to keep your pup on his toes.

Simon says it improves both the Pet’s brain and senses.

7. Round Robin

Round Robin is a perfect fun activity for any family with children. It is initiated by every family member sitting around the room (20 feet or more from one another) with a handful of treats. Every family member will take turns calling out their dog’s name. Whenever the dog answers his name by coming forward, he will immediately be rewarded with treats and praise. This game improves dogs’ recognition ability and makes them happy.

8. Frisbee Toss

Forget a tennis ball. Can your dog catch Frisbee? It takes much concentration and agility for a pup to catch one of these flying discs. Start if your dog can’t jump and catch the Frisbee in the air. Throw the Frisbee toward your dog. After getting over the strange object, he will instantly want to catch the Frisbee. Once done, try tossing the Frisbee at a very low level toward your dog. Then to the next level height. If you feel like your dog is good to go, toss the Frisbee a little higher and further and further as further goes. With time Frisbee will be his new favorite game.

Frisbee toss keeps your dog healthy and happy.

9. Doggie Basketball

Doggie Basketball is initiated with an empty laundry basket and a favorite dog’s ball. Show what you would like your dog to do by demonstration. Say the action word “Drop” while dropping the ball into the basket. Ensure the dog is paying close attention to this command. Repeat the process several times, then pass the ball to your dog. Whenever he gets the challenge right and drops the ball into the basket when you say the action word “drop,” immediately reward him with his favorite treats. Practice again and again to eliminate imperfections.

Doggie Basketball is one of the many fun games to play with dogs.

10. Red Light, Green Light

Red Light and Green Light are perfect games for pups and family dogs who know how to “come” and “stay.”. All participants, accommodating humans and dogs, should spread out in an open yard. One player is elected the game moderator. The moderator will say the keywords “stay” and “come” Instead of saying “green light.” The game moderator then calls out the commands that both dogs and humans must follow. Ensure to reward your dog with his favorite treat after every command he gets right.

11. Soccer Game

For soccer fans that want to teach and play soccer games with their dogs. Appropriately sized balls are needed to initiate soccer, clicker, and dog’s favorite treats.

Soccer games are advanced tricks. You need to teach your dog the basics of clicker training Before you teach your dog how to play soccer. Then move on to soccer training after your dog understands the clicker training basics.

Throw the soccer ball on the ground to see your dog’s reaction. If the dog shows interest in the ball, immediately click and reward him with his favorite treat. Dogs cannot interact between future and past events. That is why it’s so important to reward immediately so that he understands the action he is being rewarded for. That is what clicker training is all about.

That will make the dog understand that to get his click and treat, he will have to touch the ball. Puncturing and biting are not allowed, stop and resume the game again in one or more hours.

Only click and give him his favorite treat when he gets the right moves. 

Soccer is one of the many fun games to play with dogs. It improves both the Pet’s brain and senses.

12. Digging Box

Many dogs are natural diggers. If your dog is a natural digger, consider giving him a dedicated digging box challenge to keep him happy. Look for somewhere safe he can dig all day without worrying that someone will throw a tantrum.

Find wood and sand from your local hardware store to make your digging box. If your area is hard and hot, wet the ground before your dog starts digging it.

The dog might not understand the game initially, burying some bone or his favorite toys in the box to encourage digging.


Those mentioned above are great games to play with dogs that will help maintain Pet’s health for a happy and long life.

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