11 Seattle veterinary specialists Lynnwood

In this article, I would be talking more about a few Seattle veterinary specialists in Lynnwood. Veterinary specialists are a team of a high level of skill and specialize in an area of veterinary medicine. Veterinary specialists provide the best possible veterinary services.

As a pet owner, you need to know the veterinary specialists and the service provided. One of your top priorities as a pet owner providing your pet with the best treatment and care when they are sick. So let’s dive down to the Seattle veterinary specialists Lynnwood

Seattle veterinary specialists Lynnwood
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Best Seattle veterinary specialists Lynnwood

Below is a short list of a few  Seattle veterinary specialists in Lynnwood.

1. Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle

The veterinary specialty center of Seattle is an AAHA-accredited Veterinary Center in Lynnwood that offers 24-hour emergency and preventive medical care for pets. Their team of AAHA-accredited incorporates board-certified highly skilled veterinary specialists whose veterinary approach and resources enable them to work as a team to support the mission of improving the quality of health of pets. The specialist strives to provide the highest quality veterinary care.

Veterinary Specialty Center emergency service is open 24/7 a week, 365 days a year, to ensure compassionate care for pets with urgent medical needs.

Veterinary Specialty Center provides specialized diagnostics tests, diagnostics tests interpretation, and provides treatment for pets through interdisciplinary teamwork under the direction of board-certified veterinarians.

As an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, Veterinary Specialty Center maintains a gold standard of pet health care in every aspect of veterinary practice. They have good customer service, procedural standards, facility maintenance, continuing education, and much more.  

2. Finn Hill Animal Hospital

Finn Hill Animal specialists Hospital offers a variety of veterinary services to ensure the comprehensive wellness of pets. They also offer traditional veterinary practices such as spaying & neuter, microchipping, and advanced dental care. 

They also offer holistic veterinary practice including chiropractic services, pet stem cell therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pocket pets. 

Finn Hill Animal Hospital uses diagnostic devices like digital X-rays and allergy testing to diagnose any potential health issues and recommend appropriate treatment solutions to improve overall health. Their Holistic veterinary care practices combine conventional, complementary, and alternative therapies.     

Seattle veterinary specialists in Lynnwood

3. VCA Meadowdale Animal Hospital

Seattle veterinary specialists in Lynnwood. That takes pride in providing the best possible veterinary care to pets.

Their highly competent team of specialists and staff always take time to give a thorough examination and appropriate treatment and answer whatever veterinary care question.

VCA Meadowdale Animal Hospital provides perfect vet services that make their clients feel comfortable and ensure pets get the care and attention they deserve. Advanced resources in the latest treatments and procedures to meet the highest standards.

Their specialist team combines conventional, complementary, and alternative resources to tackle Local Medical Issues 

Numerous local medical issues can impact a pet’s health.

4. Fifth Avenue Animal Hospital

Fifth Avenue Animal specialists offer compassionate and high-quality veterinary care to feline and canine patients. The specialist is a locally owned and independent business. The specialist team offers deworming, microchips, routine examinations, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and more. 

When needed, Fifth Avenue Animal specialists offer advanced high-quality medical, surgical, and dental care. And ensures the pets receive the most effective veterinary care available. Their specialist’s services include;

Annual wellness exams to ensure pets have a happy and healthy life. Preventive care to detect disease at an early stage. Fifth Avenue specialists provide a full range of wellness care services, including vaccination, deworming, wellness exams, microchips, and spay/neuter procedures.

Fifth Avenue Animal specialists are equipped and trained to handle the diagnosis and treatment of sick pets including urinary issues, skin disease, cancer, endocrine disorders, neurologic disease, and much more. They also work closely with other local specialists when needed.

4. Agape Veterinary Specialty Center

Agape Veterinary specialists have provided comprehensive veterinary health services Since 2009, including pet boarding, vaccination, and urgent care to pets in the Lynnwood community and beyond. Other veterinary services accommodate;

  1. Wellness & Prevention

    Early detection of disease, age-specific assessments, and Regular nose-to-tail wellness exams keep dogs, cats, and other pocket pets healthy. 
  2. Testing & Diagnostics

    Diagnostic testing for early disease detection provides a complete breakdown of a pet’s health, providing baseline results and improving outcomes.
  3. Advanced Care

    Agape Veterinary hospital has highly trained vet specialists who offer advanced services in various veterinary disciplines.
  4. Pet Boarding.
  5. The specialists are good with pets.
  6. Surgical Procedures.

Agape specialists offer sound and effective From routine to advanced surgical procedures, and effective options using best practice and state-of-the-art equipment.

5. Banfield Pet Hospital

Seattle veterinary specialists in Lynnwood work with their clients to provide quality pet care and individual treatment plans. They offer a variety of veterinary services including;

  1. Behavior evaluation

    The specialists provide decoding for dogs or cats whose behaviors are related to a medical concern and recommend vital resources to keep pets in happy woofs and meows. 
  2. Coat and skin care treatment

    The specialists assess Coat and skin abnormalities, provide diagnostic tests, then suggest treatments to help their condition. 
  3. Comprehensive exams

    Banfield specialists provide comprehensive exams of a pet’s major body systems.  Comprehensive exams help to know the overall well-being of pets. Banfield specialists also offer In-house laboratory diagnostics for same-day results, to help determine and rule out specific abnormal conditions affecting your pet.

6. Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic

Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic is a specialist hospital that offers traditional and holistic medicine practice to ensure sound and comprehensive pet healthcare services in Lynnwood.

The specialist hospital is AAHA accredited. They offer a wide variety of veterinary services including surgical, medical, and dental services. Helping hands specialist hospitals offer professional grooming cat boarding. The hospital is equipped with advanced equipment and technologies, including accuracy. Diagnosis, comprehensive in-house testing for accurate diagnosis, digital x-ray,  integrated medicine, surgical suite, dental suite, and a pharmacy.

The specialists are committed to providing comprehensive care at every stage of a pet’s life. From preventive vet care to early detection and treatment of various conditions and diseases, their specialists have the expertise to provide standard care for pets. 

Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic serves clients in Bothell, Brier, Seattle, Esperance,  and surrounding areas.

7. Martha Lake Vet Clinic

Seattle veterinary specialists in Lynnwood offers traditional and holistic medicine practice to ensure sound and comprehensive pet healthcare services in Lynnwood and its environs. Their services include preventive care, a wide range of diagnostics, advanced surgeries, digital radiography, dental care,  ultrasound, internal medicine, flea prevention, and much more.

Martha Lake Vet clinics have Digital radiography that enables examining pets’ body systems such as cardiopulmonary, reproductive system, and gastrointestinal.

Martha Lake Vet specialists have Dental digital x-ray machines to help view below the surface of pets’ gum line and evaluate each tooth to see tooth perform the extraction, root concerns, perform extractions, and much more.

The specialist’s mission is to provide comprehensive care at every stage of a pet’s life. From preventive vet care to early detection and treatment of various conditions and diseases, their specialists have the expertise to provide standard care for pets. 

8. Animal Surgery & Care Center

This Seattle veterinary specialist in Lynnwood is a full-service specialists hospital located in Lynnwood, Their team of highly trained specialists is dedicated to getting the highest quality medical care for pets.  They offer in-house diagnostics such as digital radiographs and blood measurement, as well as routine dentistry and  surgeries 

Their highly competent team of specialists and staff always take time to give a thorough examination and appropriate treatment and answer whatever veterinary care question. Their veterinary services including

  1. Vaccinations

    Their specialist offers recommended vaccinations for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. 
  2. Parasite control

    The specialists have Screening and treatment plans for internal and external infections, parasites,  and secondary diseases.
  3. Nutrition advice

Animal Surgery & Care Center specialists recommend Healthy and nutritious meals for the win.

9. Northpointe Animal Hospital

Northpointe Animal specialist has one of the best veterinary practices in Lynnwood, they are effective in providing the latest in pet medicine. They have the leading PAW Plan hospital in the area, with fear-free certified employees.

This specialist hospital offers not only excellent advice but also comprehensive veterinary care tips.

Northpointe specialists hospital is fully furnished with advanced surgical, diagnostic, and emergency care services. 

Their veterinary services include microchip pet identification, routine wellness checks, spays & neuters, oral & dental care, and much more. As a full-service facility with an advanced internal laboratory, Northpointe Animal specialist provides pet test results within minutes.

10. Animal Emergency & Referral Center

This specialist hospital is a state-of-the-art facility for advanced specialty, emergency, and surgical care located in Lynnwood.

The hospital is an extension of the primary care specialists, working to provide comprehensive and advanced care possible. 

The specialist primarily treats feline and canine patients with no routine or elective health care practice such as general dentistry, spay/neuter services, or vaccination. 

The mission of the Animal Emergency & Referral specialists hospital is to protect and improve the health and well-being of animals by providing quality professional advanced research in veterinary, veterinary education, and biomedical field, and serving the community through excellent clinical care, diagnostics, and shared learning.

11. Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle

One of the Lynnwood accredited specialist hospitals that provide critical and emergency veterinary health care for cats and dogs in the greater Lynnwood Area. They specialize in advanced internal medicine, Cardiology, Critical Care, Neurology, and Surgery.

The Veterinary Specialty Center of Lynnwood is AAHA accredited. Their veterinary services include

  1. Wellness check-up

    The specialist team provides personalized preventative care for pets’ long-term health and well-being.
  2. Emergency veterinary services.

    The hospital offers 24/7 emergency care for a pet that needs immediate medical attention
  3. Advanced Surgery

    Veterinary Specialty Center provides routine spays for complex soft tissue surgery.


These are a few Seattle veterinary specialists in Lynnwood. They have good customer service and the best veterinary services in Seattle and its environs.

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