15 Best Seattle Veterinary Specialists

Veterinary specialists are registered veterinarians with a high level of skill and who specialize in an area of veterinary medicine or a certain animal species. Veterinarians are specialized in many areas, including surgery, dentistry, behavior, internal medicine, and more.

Veterinary specialists have four years of undergraduate training and four years of veterinary school.

best Seattle veterinary specialists
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best Seattle veterinary specialists

Veterinary specialists are medical specialists that develop the best possible treatment for pets. Below are the 15 best Seattle veterinary specialists.

1. The Vets

The Vets Seattle veterinary specialists provide ambulant health care services to pet owners in Seattle and its surrounding metro from the comfort of their homes.

It provides a full range of mobile veterinary services, including head-to-tail health examinations, vaccinations, and microchipping. Diagnostic tests include skin scraping, blood and urine samples, and travel health certificate issuance. In addition to home pet care, the Vets also own fully-equipped veterinary clinics.

The vet’s specialists also provide mobile services in North Beacon hill, shoreline, Queen Anne, Wedgwood, Magnolia, Fremont, Capitol Hill, First Hill, West Woodland, Seattle, Crown Hill, Lake Forest Park, High point, and more.

2. Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic

The Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic is a family-owned dermatological specialized veterinary clinic in Seattle, with a head office in Lynnwood.

The family-owned Clinic focuses on long-term health services for pets, and their service includes in-depth diagnosis, skin disease treatment, laser surgery, allergy testing, and other veterinary dermatological services.

ASAC specialists focus on finding the most productive treatment by minimizing irrelevant testing and expense.

The Animal skin and Allergy specialists also serve more surrounding Seattle area, with clients from the entire Washington state and some from Canada.

3. BluePearl Veterinary Partners

BluePearl Veterinary Partners is an AAHA-accredited veterinary clinic offering 24/7 emergency veterinary services in Seattle and Renton. A team of board-certified veterinary specialists in internal medicine critical care, surgery, oncology, cardiology, and diagnostic imaging staff at the Veterinary Hospital.

The veterinary hospital is also affiliated with Vet Med Imaging, The Animal Dermatology clinic, And Northwest Animal Eye Specialists to offer veterinary dermatology services and ophthalmology.

The Clinic also has state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical suites and an animal blood bank to ensure the best possible treatment for emergency and surgical services. Other services, such as hemodialysis, are available at BluePearl Veterinary clinic.

4. City Cat Mobile Vet

City Cat Mobile Vet is a Seattle veterinary specialist that combines clinic and house call service. The specialist offers a diversity of cat-specific treatment options individualized for each cat.

These include kidney disease management, kitten and geriatric cat care, support and nutrition counseling, preventive medicine, spay and neuter, individualized vaccines, and end-of-life care. In addition, the city Cat Mobile Vet refers to other providers for x-rays, pet boarding, and major surgery.

5. Critter Doctor Animal Hospital

Critter Doctor Animal specialists is a full-service animal clinic serving the great Seattle area since 1982. Critter Doctor Animal Hospital values continuity of care and aims to grow strong relationships with pets and pet owners.

Services include surgery, general wellness examination, x-ray, dentistry, and hospitalization for cats, dogs, rodents, ferrets, rabbits, and other pocket pets. In addition, critter Doctor doctors refer to other veterinary specialists when needed to provide the best possible health care to animals. Critter Animal Hospital also provides a Pet boarding service.

6. Eastlake Veterinary Hospital

Eastlake Veterinary Hospital is a veterinary specialist with over 30 years of experience providing veterinary health care to cats and dogs in Eastlake and the surrounding Seattle metro.

The veterinary specialist’s hospital offers new kitten and puppy care, microchipping, annual check-up, pet boarding service, annual visits, pet travel care, and dental care.

Supporting the Seattle veterinary Community Since 1985

Seattle veterinary specialists

7. Greentree Animal Hospital

AAHA-accredited Seattle veterinary specialist. Committed to providing technically advanced and modern veterinary care. Greentree Animal Hospital veterinary is staffed by highly skilled specialists with board-certified radiologists, cardiologists, and experienced surgical staff trained to handle a range of surgeries, including orthopedic surgery, general soft tissue surgery, and dental surgery.

The veterinary HospitalHospital also offers cat and dog boarding and has a fund available to help clients experiencing financial hardship. 

Green Tree is well known for its effective preventive care, ambulant care, pet surgery, dental care, pain management, laser therapy, and a variety of other veterinary services for cats, dogs, and other pocket pets. The experienced specialists use the latest research and advanced technology with AAHA-accredited practice.

8. Jet City Animal Clinic

Jet City Animal Clinic is a full-service Seattle veterinary specialists clinic in Capitol Hill. Pet health services include annual check-ups, parasite control, vaccination, ID chips, dentistry, surgery, radiology, and pain management.

In addition, jet City Animal Clinic offers alternative veterinary therapies, which include pet massage, veterinary acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, and reiki. Behavioral and nutrition education are also available, as well as communication consultations.

Licensed specialists with experience in health care for dogs, cats, rodents, and other pocket pets such as hamsters run Jet City Animal Veterinary Clinic. The specialist team values preventive measures such as exercise, good nutrition, and parasite prevention. Jet City Animal Veterinary Clinic also provides a pet boarding service.

9. Madison Street Animal Hospital.

Madison Street Animal Hospital is a Seattle veterinary specialists hospital. Madison Street Animal Hospital has highly trained veterinary doctors who are well-versed in modern veterinary care and are provided with an in-house laboratory for quick diagnoses and state-of-the-art technology in a new facility.

Madison Street Animal Specialists Hospital offers veterinary surgery, diagnostic service, wellness examination, dermatology, and ambulant care services seven days a week. Boarding is also available for cats at Madison Animal Hospital.

Madison Animal Hospital also offers minor surgery and anesthesia, and pain management. The Clinic also offers in-home veterinary nursing services and technician services through Seattle Veterinary Associates.

10. Maple Leaf Veterinary Care Center.

A full-service veterinary specialists clinic located in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood of Seattle. Maple Leaf Veterinary sees cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, and other pocket pets for preventative and wellness examination service, surgery, and medical care.

Maple veterinary clinic uses in-house diagnostic testing, outside laboratories, and digital x-ray technology. In addition, their skilled staff connects clients with behavioral counseling and dietary and provides house-call euthanasia health services.

11. Northeast Veterinary Hospital

Northeast Veterinary specialists Hospital is a team of seven licensed and experienced Seattle veterinarians. Keeping up with technological advances in veterinary care and educating customers on their pet’s health needs.

The large veterinary doctors ensure that a variety of pets can be treated at the Veterinary Hospital, including rabbits, cats, dogs, gerbils, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and turtles.

Northeast Veterinary Hospital also offers other services, including pet dental care, annual check-up, veterinary acupuncture, pet boarding with medical attention, and ambulant veterinary health care seven days a week.

12. Sunset Hill Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center

A full-service Seattle veterinary specialist clinic. Sunset Hill handles a variety of veterinary health services, from vaccinations to surgeries.

Also, it has a veterinary rehabilitation practice aimed at developing mobility and strength for pets with neurological, orthopedic, and degenerative issues and post-surgical rehabilitation. In addition, sunset Hill veterinary clinic focuses on sustainability with a commitment to recycling. The skilled veterinarian works a four-day week to maintain a balance work-life that keeps their enthusiasm and energy high when attending to their patients.

13. The Family Pet

The Family Pet is a veterinary specialists clinic based in Seattle with over 70 years of experience. The veterinarians in Family Pet provide individualized care to dogs, cats, and other pocket pets (such as hamsters, ferrets, and gerbils) and some livestock animals (such as goats, chickens, and rabbits).

Ballard Pet Vet is the livestock branch of The Family Pet that focuses on larger livestock animals. This service includes a diagnostic service offering CT scans and Seattle Veterinary Imaging. The Family Pet also offers various health care services, including veterinary dental care, veterinary surgery, microchipping, pet boarding, and much more.

14. Urban Animal

An independent veterinary specialists clinic located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Urban Animal clinic provides the flexibility of a drop-in appointment and a walk-in clinic available every day until 60 minutes before closing.

Urban Animal’s veterinarians strive to keep veterinary health care services accessible to everyone with a range of economical pricing and treatment options. A pharmacy is also available on the premises.

15. Rainier Veterinary Hospital

The only Seattle Veterinary specialists Hospital with over 80 years of experience treating pets. The veterinary Hospital is privately owned, with four doctor practices open seven days a week and offering health care services including vaccination, dental care service, wellness examination, preventive care, geriatric care, and diagnostics through technically advanced local laboratories and surgeries such as neuter, spays, and dental procedures.

Rainier Veterinary Hospital also offers clients microchip identification and pet boarding services.


Above are the best Seattle Veterinary specialists with registered veterinarians with a high level of skills and specialized in an area of veterinary medicine or a certain animal species. That offers the best possible treatment for pets.

Areas of specialization and services include surgery, dentistry, behavior, pet boarding, internal medicine, microchip identification, preventive care, geriatric care, annual check-up, veterinary acupuncture, ambulant veterinary health services, pet massage, veterinary acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, and much more.

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